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I'm Joshua About

I'm a freelance Frontend Developer based in Wolfsburg, Germany.

I enjoy developing websites and software systems and everything in between.
Recently I started freelancing and have been working on many interesting and exciting projects on a regular basis.

Technologies i worked with:
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Tailwind
  • Wordpress
  • Laravel
  • HTML5 & CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Full Name : Joshua Gerke
  • Email :
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What I Do? Skills

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I have enjoyed creating designs since the beginning of my time, whether new or custom, design is a main part of my work..

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I like the combination of Laravel and TailwindCSS the most, nevertheless I have experience with other backend frameworks of course.

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Starting with small PHP scripts to advanced work with PHP, I have well developed my experience with this language.

My Qualifications Resume


Autohaus Wolfsburg

2018 IT Department

I had a kind of internship there for a few months, but since the department is more concerned with hardware and not software, it wasn't for me in the long run.


TechKings UG

2020-2021 Managing Director

After small projects, I built with a business partner of a company in the gaming hosting industry, which also used Laravel as a backend, there I gained most experience also in sales, support and administration.


2021 Managing Director

We had covered the hosting area with the company "TechKings". With "GeLu" we created software development orders for companies. And gave consultations in the field of corporate IT.

JONI Solutions

2022 Managing Director

JONI Solutions is a software development agency in the B2B area. We mainly develop web applications for some companies.


GTHANG.GG Website Mockup


GTHANG.GG Website Mockup


Started with a small project, the RUST project is already a good year. The streamer "GThang" has brought the project to life, no one could have imagined that the whole thing runs so long, in the meantime, many team members have been found, the whole carefully work out for you & every season, new concepts, ideas, maps and much more to bring into the whole project. But most of all the community has contributed a lot, because of you the project is the way it is today, creative players, own events, roleplay strands as far as the eye can see. Thank you for supporting us!

Interested to Work With Me?

Challenge me before wasting your valuable time. I want to work with you to create the really cool stuff.